Yerevan Railway Station | Armenia

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Yerevan Railway Station is located in "Erebuni, Yerevan, Armenia". This business is working in the following industry: Train.

Name: Yerevan Railway Station

Country: Armenia

City: Yerevan

Engaged in: Train

ISIC Code: 97–98

Questions & Answers

Where is Yerevan Railway Station located?

Yerevan Railway Station located at "Erebuni, Yerevan, Armenia"



There is ALWAYS a timing issue. I have used trains in Armenia for quite a while now. My advice to you, is to make sure you call and check their departure/arrival timing before you make any reservations. The chances are, they do not speak English so you either need to call in Russian or Armenian.

Nice interiors! It feels like i travel through time. Very nostalgic...

actually there is only one train passing this station, Yerevan - Batumi. Also there are some local so-called "electric trains", something about 5 per day, so you need to be lucky to see it. The station itself is great example of soviet architecture. There is small museum of South Caucasus railways in the right wing of the building.

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