Banque centrale du Congo | Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

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Banque centrale du Congo is located in "866P+RH7, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Banque centrale du Congo

Country: Congo (Democratic Republic of the)

City: Goma

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is Banque centrale du Congo located?

Banque centrale du Congo located at "866P+RH7, Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo"



Central Bank of Congo in the city of Goma, this bank is the representation of the Congolese Bank in the province of North Kivu city of Goma. This representation is well managed by authorized persons, the agents are well trained and respects the instructions of the work, the place is also secured by the Congolese National Police

Provincial Directorate of North Kivu, Central Bank of Congo, well organized and especially what is very interesting laba is their library rich in books and economic reports from the DRC, and open to the general public, information on the economic situation local and national is accessible to all.

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