Kex Hostel Reykjavik | 561 6060 | Skúlagata, Iceland

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Kex Hostel Reykjavik is located in "Skúlagata 28, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Kex Hostel Reykjavik

Country: Iceland

City: Reykjavík

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Kex Hostel Reykjavik located?

Kex Hostel Reykjavik located at "Skúlagata 28, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland"

How can I contact Kex Hostel Reykjavik?

You can call Kex Hostel Reykjavik at +354 561 6060 or visit for more information.



If u like hostels, u will love this one. It was my first stay in a hostel and it was my last. If Ur roommates are snoring continuously, u have no chance to have a good night. And u will never book a hostel again My bed was okay. Bathroom were old. The lobby is actually nice and the service was friendly all in all great job for this price

Nice beds, ok rooms. The fifth star would be filled if the bathrooms where cleaned better.... Restaurant nice and tasty food...

KEX was recommended to me by a friend and I have to stay, it’s a great place to stay in Reykjavik. It’s clean, friendly and worth the price for sure. The location is perfect, there’s a cheap parking right in front of the hostel and around (P3; around €5 per day) and you can walk everywhere around the city centre. The breakfast and pizza are both superb. The only reason it’s 4/5 are the weekend concerts. It’s terrific when you enjoy live music (it was great), but it can be annoying when you want to sleep before 11pm. You can get earplugs at the reception, though. :)

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