Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra | 24 618900 | Oman

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Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra is located in "Ghubra Roundabout Ghubra OM OM OM، Muscat 133, Oman". This business is working in the following industry: Hospital.

Name: Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra

Country: Oman

City: Muscat

Engaged in: Hospital

ISIC Code: 49–53

Questions & Answers

Where is Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra located?

Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra located at "Ghubra Roundabout Ghubra OM OM OM، Muscat 133, Oman"

How can I contact Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra?

You can call Aster Al Raffah Hospital, Ghubra at +968 24 618900 or visit for more information.



Great service, withe reasonable charge. Highly qualified doctors and well trained staff. The place is always clean inside and out. When it's come to private hospital, Al Raffa is always a consider chose for me . The only thing makes me always upset is parking far away . Because, there are not enough parking near it. I hope they can do something about the parking issue,

They have a very good service. The staff named Parjit (Ghubra Branch) was very accommodating. He went extra mile just to make sure I got my vaccine second shot. He kept updating me, calling me and even waited me outside the door and took me upstairs. He prepared everything for me and in just 5 minutes I finished my vaccine.

Aster Al raffah hospital is my favourite choice. The center offers truly outstanding services with highly qualified doctors also accommodating staff. I met Mr. Parjith few times, a staff in Ghubra branch, he is very friendly and were always eager to help resolve any hospital related matters. Also, one time, I spent a day in the treatment and one of the staff named Ahmad stayed with me the whole time and kept updating me regularly to ensure my needs are met and everything is going fine with me. Thank you all for the amazing support. Keep up the good work!

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