Metropolitan Iassium Luxury Suites | 0755 122 000 | Strada Profesor Paul Ion, Romania

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Metropolitan Iassium Luxury Suites is located in "Strada Profesor Paul Ion 2A, Iași 700302, Romania". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Metropolitan Iassium Luxury Suites

Country: Romania

City: Iași

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

Questions & Answers

Where is Metropolitan Iassium Luxury Suites located?

Metropolitan Iassium Luxury Suites located at "Strada Profesor Paul Ion 2A, Iași 700302, Romania"

How can I contact Metropolitan Iassium Luxury Suites?

You can call Metropolitan Iassium Luxury Suites at +40 755 122 000 or visit for more information.



Very unpleasant experience. The staff was confused and completely unprofessional. I spent, unfortunately 6 days in "one of the best" apartament they have in this location and I was very disappointed from the check in moment, (when they don't have available the apartment which I paid in advance or the pillows, linens and towels for my daughter...) to the check out. I need to arrange myself with the cleaning lady, on the second day, to move in other room ( which I booked) or to receive linens because nobody at the reception even if the timetable shows different. The cleaning lady seems to be more polite and well oriented than any other staff members. The kitchen was barely equipped..., broken metallic chairs on the balcony, a very tiny bathroom, etc. For me it's still amazing how somebody can promote luxury condition for this place. It's more like students accommodation. Even is walking distance to city center, aprox 1 mile away, the way are not friendly, especially during the evening or night time. I'll not recommend this place for families with kids because of conditions and even for couple because of staff. Too many mistakes which could change your mood in holiday.

Nice. Clean rooms, chic, 15-20min to center by foot.

Nice and clean rooms. There are around parking lots, not so many, but you can find one

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