Ikano Bank | 0476-880 00 | Landsvägen, Sweden

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Ikano Bank is located in "Landsvägen 52, 172 63 Sundbyberg, Sweden". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Ikano Bank

Country: Sweden

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

Questions & Answers

Where is Ikano Bank located?

Ikano Bank located at "Landsvägen 52, 172 63 Sundbyberg, Sweden"

How can I contact Ikano Bank?

You can call Ikano Bank at +46 476 880 00 or visit for more information.



awful customer service. If you pay late just couple of days, they remove you from the interest-free service (räntefri) without informing you and you will get huge amount of monthly interest on your invoices. I called the customer service to understand the reason of having high monthly ränta (73kr, 43kr, ...) for only 4300kr lån and I figured out I was removed from the räntefri service since 5 months ago! I asked how much should I pay today to totally close the account and they added 30 more kr to the total lån. I paid the amount but called them once more to double check if my account is closed, then I figured out the first person I talked to, added the highest interest she could instead of adding the correct interest. My experience is that some of their customer service employees are very inpatient, rude and try to steal your money by introducing incorrect interest(ränta) even when you want to close your account.

Disgusting commercial.


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