Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM) | (707) 967-4080 | Adams Street, United States of America

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Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM) is located in "1001 Adams St, St Helena, CA 94574, USA". This business is working in the following industry: Bank.

Name: Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM)

Country: United States of America

City: St. Helena

Engaged in: Bank

ISIC Code: 05–09

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Where is Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM) located?

Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM) located at "1001 Adams St, St Helena, CA 94574, USA"

How can I contact Bank of America (with Drive-thru ATM)?



I travel for business around the Globe and needed an American Bank Account since BOA affiliate with other banks world wide. That day I opened my account I did not have an appointment but instead was greeted by one of their representatives super cordial and assisted me on the spot. My account was ready to go after 30 minutes. The experience was very friendly, professional and efficient.

The most inefficient, unfriendly bank. Suggest you go right around the corner or a few blocks down Main Street to banks where you rarely have to wait, acknowledged by friendly tellers if you do. You can open an account without waiting an hour for the "Relationship Manager" . When I closed my account at B of A , they wanted 2 pieces of identification to give me closing check. I was standing there with every B of A statement since I opened the account, 8 credit cards in my name, my drivers license and I still had to wait while they tried unsuccessfully to send me an identifying text. THEN I was told to wait for the "Relationship Manager" to close account or I would be charged monthly fees. Didn't wait.

Don't even dream of doing anything that you need to go in, and talk to an actual person, I've had to give up and walk off, 3 times, at non-peak hours, because they have a maximum of 2 tellers helping a waiting queue of +10 people. Their new manager apparently believes his activities (walking around aimlessly/chatting on his phone, and training tellers(shouldn't they have received basic training already?) ) are more important than keeping a growing multitude of disgruntled people, from multiplying.

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