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Hotel Lomipeau is located in "PRCH+RG9, Aka'aka 98600, Wallis and Futuna". This business is working in the following industry: Lodging.

Name: Hotel Lomipeau

Country: Wallis and Futuna

City: Matā'utu

Engaged in: Lodging

ISIC Code: 68

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Where is Hotel Lomipeau located?

Hotel Lomipeau located at "PRCH+RG9, Aka'aka 98600, Wallis and Futuna"



I arrived here in a group and we were met at the airport by Valerie and garlanded in island style with garlands of flowers. The hotel is only 3km from the airport. The rooms were fine with AC, TV, bottle of water etc There are very good sea views from the rooms. The swimming pool is good as is the reception area and open dining room. The food was prepared with mostly local available items such as seafood, bread fruit, papaya etc and the menu varied from day to day, which was something to look forward to at meal times. Desserts were quite exotic. There was beer and wine. Breakfast was of Continental style. The staff were helpful and took us on a tour of the island, to a church service, to the Post Office, a lagoon boat trip to a small island etc. Truly family run. Apart from Valerie, I need to mention young Alice, a spectacularly tall girl who was always there to help us! Probably the best hotel on this remote island

Great little spot. Awesome view friendly staff.

hotel is fine. hot water, etc. don't buy wifi here, super slow, just buy sim with LTE from post office. breakfast is just bread and butter(not joke). nice view.

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